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All You Need to Know for Your St. Mary’s Glacier Hike

All You Need to Know for Your St. Mary’s Glacier Hike

St. Mary’s Glacier is just outside of Idaho Springs, making it perfect for a day trip. Enjoy the St. Mary’s Glacier hike, fresh air, and beautiful scenery! The horizon at the crest of the trail will make the whole hike worth it, with a sight unlike any other you’ve seen. Along the trail, there are also plenty of opportunities for photos – this hike is totally Instagram-able. Here’s your guide to everything and anything relating to the St. Mary’s Glacier hike!

Preparing to Tackle St. Mary’s Glacier (Not Literally Though)

Though this 1.5 mile trek is in the easy to moderate range and will be suitable for avid and novice hikers alike, tackling the St. Mary’s Glacier hike may take a bit of preparation.  You’ll want to be sure you have all of the right gear to make your adventure as incredible as possible! 

Some things you might need include:

  • Hiking boots (though many have said that sneakers will work)
  • Weather-specific clothing (since the mountain weather can be fickle, make sure you check the forecasts!)
  • Lots of water
  • A backpack (with snacks for a picnic!)

Starting Your St. Mary’s Hike at the Trailhead

Once you drive up to St. Mary’s Glacier, you’ll find two parking lots ready to hold onto your car while you get to experience the joys of nature. Parking is $5, and if you’ve been driving for a while, you can take a pit stop at one of the convenient bathrooms in the parking lots!

Something else to note is that furry friends are allowed on this trail. You and Fido can enjoy the crisp mountain air and the beautiful St. Mary’s Glacier hike together! Dogs must be leashed, and we know from experience that they will enjoy this excursion just as much as you will!

Trail Tips & Tricks

girls posing after completing the St. Mary's Glacier hike

The trail up to the glacier is marked only at the start, so finding your way for the first time may seem intimidating. Never fear! Many dedicated hikers before you have left some great tips for making sure you’re heading in the right direction – toward that beautiful view.

  • Look for neatly stacked stones along the edges of the trail
  • Water trickling down from the snow melt – follow the small stream upwards
  • Keep walking up!

The trail is pretty rocky, and in the winter, the snow fall can make the path a bit difficult to navigate. Though the trail is rated easy and is fairly short, use discretion when hiking with kids, as weather can make the trail more difficult.

family posing after completing the St. Mary's Glacier Hike

You’re Sure to Like the St. Mary’s Glacier Hike

The St. Mary’s Glacier hike is fun for families, avid and novice hikers, nature lovers, and people of all kinds! You can’t go wrong on this stunning journey.  With the incredible view and the proximity to Idaho Springs, Colorado, you won’t soon forget your adventure!

Before taking on the glacier, try one of the town’s breakfast restaurants.  Or, after you get back, try out the wide variety of meals and snacks that are to be found throughout downtown. And don’t forget to grab a souvenir to remember your day in Idaho Springs.

St. Mary’s Glacier is calling! We can’t wait to see you there.

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