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Taste of Idaho Springs

Taste of Idaho Springs

Welcome to the Taste of Idaho Springs! Idaho Springs, Colorado has been the stop for so many adventures. Whether it’s an after skiing detour on the way home or a cozy mountain town escape from the city, Idaho Springs has always been there. However, one thing most people miss is all the wonderful restaurants, bars and café’s that line the town.

You don’t have to journey far to get the taste of Idaho Springs, from the moment you park, you’re hit with the flavors of the town.

Breakfast Time in Idaho Springs

Imagine, the morning sun warming you up as you walk down Miner Street. The cozy feeling of Idaho Springs as it slowly comes to life. It’s breakfast time and you’re looking for something to satisfy your hunger.  

Look no further than our first stop, The Frothy Cup. This café, located on Miner Street, has an inviting atmosphere, amazing coffee, tea and breakfast. Sit down and enjoy yourself as the town starts to come to life and don’t forget to leave a note on their inspirational wall.

taste of idaho springs the frothy cup

Looking for a Diner? Try, Marions of the Rockies. With an impressive selection of classics like the Evans Benedict or the Mountain Style Burger, Marions of the Rockies is a place where the family can sit down, relax and enjoy a mountain breakfast.

taste of idaho springs marion's of the rockies

The sun is starting to get higher and higher in the sky, but the taste of Idaho Springs has just started. Next stop, lunch.

Lunch Time

The church bells are ringing, the streets are packed with locals, tourists and humans from all walks of life. The energy is electric and the smells start to take over…it’s lunchtime and you’re looking for something to satisfy the taste of Idaho Springs.

Nothing screams lunch like pizza! Pickaxe Pizza, the winner of 8 awards in the Best of Idaho Springs contest in 2021, is the perfect stop for all of us pizza lovers. Feeling adventurous? Try their cheeseburger pizza. This signature dish has all the flavors of a burger fused with a pizza.

taste of idaho springs taste of idaho springs

Not in the mood for Pizza? Looking for a crisp beer at a local brewery? Look no further than Westbound and Down. An iconic brewery in the heart of Idaho Springs, their inviting atmosphere, selection of beer and food make it a perfect stop for your taste of Idaho Springs.

One of our favorites and certainly a tasty oddity is, Big B’s. The selection, mountain energy and biblical take on soup and grilled cheese make this a must stop on your taste of Idaho Springs journey. With classics like the Cheesus (a triple-decker stuffed with tomato soup and mozzarella cheese), jalapeno corn chowder, taco soup and the Zuppa Tuscana, you are sure to be both entertained and satisfied with your experience at Big B’s.

In need of a pick me up after a relaxing lunch? Stop by The Spice and Tea Exchange. This cozy mountain shop has an impressive amount of tea, spices and candles. With a knowledgeable, local staff, this gem is the perfect spot for all us tea lovers.

As the day starts winding down, a new and exciting flavor starts to take hold. Dinner, and when experiencing the taste of Idaho Springs, dinner is a meal you don’t want to miss.

Dinner Time

Treat yourself to a delicious surf and turf at MTN Prime. This local inviting restaurant with an impressive selection of steak and cocktails is exactly what you are looking for! MTN Prime is a must stop to experience the taste of Idaho Springs.

Now, if you’re craving a hidden bar to grab some grub and experience the local banter then the Vintage Moose is a go-to spot that serves great food all with a mountain bar atmosphere. Sit down, laugh with your friends and enjoy the taste of Idaho Springs nightlife.

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