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The Colorado Adventure You Need Resides in Idaho Springs!

The Colorado Adventure You Need Resides in Idaho Springs!

Travelers and locals alike know Colorado to be a state that celebrates the great outdoors. With plenty of places to explore, seeking adrenaline is simple. Yet, deciding how you want to adventure can be difficult. Let us do that for you! Take advantage of the environment and engage in a Colorado adventure via Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting!

Catch That Rocky Mountain Rush on the River               

This summer heat is killer. Instead of pushing yourself up a mountain on an enthralling hike or chasing adventure at an amusement park, why not get that heart pumping while cooling off on a whitewater rafting trip? You’re bound to experience the adrenaline you’re looking for while feeling refreshed from the river.

Whitewater rafting is just a good old-fashioned adventure! The Colorado current forces you to work as a team to navigate down an unexpected journey. With guides by your side, the adventure is relatively safe and with many levels of difficulty to choose from, you have an experience that fits the capabilities of your crew! It’s a valuable time to bond with your buds, the environment and it even allows you to sneak in some exercise. Skip the gym and workout the Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting way!

More to Explore After Your River Ride

After you conquer the current, your Colorado adventure can continue with all that Idaho Springs has to offer! Refuel your Rocky Mountain muscles with a delicious meal at one of Idaho Springs’ remarkable restaurants. You can also check out Miner Street Market or tour The Argo Mill and Tunnel for a fun afternoon activity! If you want to make the adventure a full-on vacation, just book a stay at one of Idaho Springs’ lovely hotels!

Idaho Springs has so much to offer, so spring our way this summer! Book your trip with Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting, and take on the Colorado adventure of your dreams.

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