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Make the Trip – Things to do in Idaho Springs, 2022

Make the Trip – Things to do in Idaho Springs, 2022

The Coolest Things to do in Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs is ripe with entertainment, arts and nature. There’s so many things to do in Idaho Springs you could spend months getting through all the great reasons to visit. But if your time is limited, we’ve narrowed it down to the best-of-the-best. Get in some exhilarating adventures, incredible dinning and some next-level events and things to do in Idaho Springs!

Whitewater Rafting

Alright, this one is an easy choice, especially as things are warming up. Idaho Springs has some world-class whitewater rafting; it brings families back year after year. Even if you’ve never been before, you’re in good hands with some of the professionals ready to teach you the ins-and-outs of grabbing that adrenaline by the raft handles.

There’s classes for beginners, experts alike, and anything in-between. You can stay safe while building up your experience to tackle those expert-only challenges.

With it being the closest whitewater rafting to Denver, it makes for the perfect day trip or weekend getaway. Everyone knows it, so be sure to make your reservations in advanced!

Explore our History

Idaho Springs is a rich tapestry filled with a history of harrowing adventures, historic enterprises and one-of-a-kind stops. Nothing exemplifies this better than the Argo Mill and Tunnel. This should top your list of things to do in Idaho Springs.

The Argo Mill and Tunnel is a landmark of the American west. Operation began in 1893 and remains one of the best preserved mining operations from the time. It was a massive operation, and one of the most successful, exemplifying the drive for gold that brought the masses west for opportunity.

Today the Argo Mill and Tunnel provides that to families world-wide as they flock to experience and rush of gold mining, like the early miners and prospectors found on these very hills.

Live Music for your Soul

Idaho Springs is know for putting a good time on for the whole town, and it’s not a bad idea to pair your plans with some fun events on the town. Here’s just a few things coming up that you might want to put on your radar. The constant calendar means there’s always things to do in Idaho Springs!

Rapidgrass – Aug 20th

This free event features some amazing bluegrass musicians with a gorgeous sunset and mountain views. Easily come and go during the event or plan to make it the mainstay of your vacation.

Nathan McKuen with the Rough & Tumble Band – Apr 9th

Nathan is a singer, songwriter and guitarist who has appeared on American Idol, The Tonight Show, Music City Roots and more! Having shared the stage, over thousands of shows, with some of the best – he’s certain to get your feet moving.

Bonnie & Taylor Sims Band – May 21st

This Colorado duo has been a staple in the Front Range music scene for years. Their happy-go-lucky attitude and powerful, passionate music makes them worth seeing again and again.

Looking for something different, or more specific to when you are in town? The United Center is a good place to find some live music when you are around.

Best-in-Class Dining

MTN Prime

Hidden behind a the facade of casual mountain dining, you walk in to a world of crafted cocktails, meals by master chefs and a patio with mountain views and the energy of the main street all around you. MTN Prime has earned its’ place among the best Colorado has to offer.

Big B’s Soups & Grilled Cheese

Looking for something more casual but not willing to compromise on quality? Big B’s is the perfect place to grab a light lunch before catching some adventure around Idaho Springs.

Beau Jo’s Pizza

These guys take home award after award, and they deserve it! It’s been a favorite among residents and visitors for decades. They are expanding, but it’s their Colorado location that put them on the map, and you have to try the original.

Idaho Springs is filled with amazing dining options. You can see all the best options right here on This is Idaho Springs!

Things to do in Idaho Springs

There’s just too much to talk about here, too much you can do and every family is going to find something uniquely them. If you’re looking for something else, and maybe more to pack in, you can see all the things to do in Idaho Springs right here!

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