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More Than Snow Sports: Things to Do in Winter in Colorado

More Than Snow Sports: Things to Do in Winter in Colorado

Whether the cold bothers you or not, you can find some incredible things to do in winter in Colorado. Day or night, snow or shine, Idaho Springs has plenty to offer in every season – including winter. Adrenaline junky? The slopes are calling. Prefer to stay in?  Tours and warm drinks await. Looking for some magic? Look no further!

The Classics

frozen fire ice rink

When you think of things to do in winter in Colorado, no doubt you’ve started with the classic winter sports. Skiing, snowboarding, tubing, oh my! Idaho Springs is ready to provide a snowy, adrenaline-filled ski-son for you. Echo Mountain offers a dozen intermediate runs for people who love the fresh air and the smell of adventure! Still need a little more adrenaline? Try out night skiing for a unique and breathtaking experience through the mountains. Ice skating is a long-running winter tradition, and now you can skate in Idaho Springs! The Frozen Fire Ice Rink at Digger Field is open every day and skate rentals are available onsite. Future plans include leagues for ice hockey, figure skating, and curling.

Not So Ordinary

Not everyone is a fan of skiing and snowboarding – good thing there are tons of other things to do in winter in Colorado! Idaho Springs is simply brimming with fun activities. If you just want a chill (or a warm) day in, you can stop by The Frothy Cup for a hot drink and a dose of small-town charm. You can stop by any of our local stores or restaurants – you’ll be welcomed in and sheltered from the cold!

Enjoying the charm of Idaho Springs is one thing – there are tours and sites that will captivate you and make your day. You can check out the local breweries, the rich history among the gold mines and mills, or enjoy a spa day at the hot springs. Wherever your interests lie, you’re in good hands when you’re in this mountain town.

Out of This World

Just 30 miles down I-70, you can find a wonderland of ice – literally. A trip to the Ice Castles display in Dillon is an incredible experience of awe and wonder. They continue to build up the “castles” through the duration of the season. You can walk through, under, and around the ice sculptures…and maybe even slide down one or two pieces. This unique experience is what dreams are made of – and it’s right around the corner. Covid-19 safety precautions are being taken to keep everyone safe.

With so many things to do in winter in Colorado, it seems like it’s time for a trip! Even if winter isn’t your season, the weather changes quickly and many activities abound in Idaho Springs. You never know what you’ll find in this quaint mountain town.

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