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In Honor of Travel and Tourism Week

In Honor of Travel and Tourism Week

Frozen Fire wants to take the opportunity of Travel and Tourism Week to honor our very own Jordan Brooks. After going to school for film and securing an internship at Frozen Fire, Jordan was set. When Jordan had worked at Frozen Fire in Dallas for almost seven years, and taken many trips to the town, he moved to Idaho Springs in 2019. His impact on This IS Idaho Springs cannot be overstated.

You Know Him, You Love Him

While in this little mountain town, Jordan has become a popular and recognizable figure to the locals. Everyone knows him as the one walking around town with a camera, capturing beautiful images of their home town. It’s clear that locals and visitors alike have come to know and love Jordan. And with National Travel and Tourism Week, this is the perfect chance to share his contributions – both through his skills and his personality.

He always represents Frozen Fire and This IS Idaho Springs well in this tight-knit town. Jordan is always looking to help and grow the town even more. That’s why, this Travel and Tourism Week, we wanted to highlight all that he has done and continues to do for Idaho Springs. Jordan has had a big part in creating this website and online community. His work contributes to the education of people who may not know about Idaho Springs and what it offers. And isn’t that what Travel and Tourism Week is all about?

Photos & Videos for Days

Jordan’s unique skillset as an incredible photographer and videographer is a huge part of what makes This IS Idaho Springs stand out. Because of his interesting perspective and ability to capture beautiful images that rival the real thing, he has made Idaho Springs shine online.

The incredible videos that Jordan creates showcase all of the wonderful things the town has to offer. He captures the town with stunning accuracy and beauty, from outdoor activities to restaurants to downtown and more. So, the photos and videos alone make you want to visit. Join us in honoring our good pal Jordan for all of his work on This IS Idaho Springs as we reflect on Travel and Tourism Week.  Thanks, Jordan!

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