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Fuel Up, Wind Down

Fuel Up, Wind Down

Here in Idaho Springs, we have our own version of A Tale of Two Cities. In fact, it’s really just one small mountain town that can feel like two very different cities depending on the time of day. No matter if you choose to explore Idaho Springs in the AM or in the PM, you are sure to feel the pulse of the town.

In the AM, the pulse is pretty quick. Every way you look, there are people on a mission to get their day started off strong. Whether it’s grabbing a quick bite for breakfast, fueling up for the day ahead with a cup of coffee, or finding the last few items they need for a day on the slopes, everyone has a plan and a place to be. Each group of people move with urgency, but not with haste. You can feel the friendliness in the air and still find peace in the middle of it all.

No matter what your morning holds, the AM hours in Idaho Springs are sure to make your morning a little brighter and a little warmer.

In the PM, things are different. You feel the pulse slow down a bit. People everywhere brush off the morning and transition into the afternoon by kicking their feet up and letting the sunshine sink in.

In the PM, Idaho Springs time is spent soaking up every second. People linger in places a little longer and spend their time exploring the town. Whether you want to really dig into the thrift stores or crack open a cold one, you’ll find folks doing the same. The people you find are not just passing through – they know that they’ve found something good right where they are.

Whether you enjoy the hustle and bustle or you want to slow down and live in the moment, Idaho Springs IS the place for you. If a few hours aren’t enough, no worries. It all starts again the next day.

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