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ATV Experience

ATV Experience

8604 Fall River Rd.
Idaho Springs
CO 80452

(303) 408 2470

Ride of a Lifetime

If you are looking for something unique and different for your trip to mountainous Colorado, look no further than ATV Experience.  With everything and anything ATV-related, you are all set for a rocking adventure through the mountain terrain.  With options for different group sizes and tour routes, ATV Experience has something that will work for you.  Get a different perspective of the Colorado landscape and find a new view of historic and scenic Idaho Springs from the seat of an ATV.  Experience this one-of-a-kind trip today!

Taste of Adventure

ATV tours can be exhilarating and courageous rides, but they can also give some of the best views of the nature around us. Because you’re able to go places where other vehicles cannot, the picturesque scenes are priceless.  Some of the packages offered by ATV Experience include:

  • Sunset Rides
  • Family & Group Tours
    • 3-Seater
    • 6-Seater
  • 2-Hour & 4-Hour Tours

Have a special time taking in all that Colorado has to offer – mountains, rivers, and historic sites all in one unique tour!  Book your trip with ATV Experience today!

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