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AVA Rafting & Zipline

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Heart-Pounding Adventures

Become one with nature on this heart-pounding adventure with AVA Rafting and Zipline! With exhilarating whitewater rafting excursions and zipline tours through the picturesque Colorado Rockies.  Choose from activities designed for beginners, intermediates, or expert adventurers to quench your bold spirit.

Cliffside Exploration

AVA Rafting and Zipline offers several different programs for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds.  Here are a few of their packages in Idaho Springs:

  • Clear Creek Rafting Trip
  • “Zip Truck” through Idaho Springs
  • Cliffside Zipline (Half Day Trip)
  • Starlight Zipline (Half Day Trip)

AVA Rafting and Zipline is open from March to November. With their wide array of program options, there is an adventure waiting for everyone!  While AVA is certainly not the biggest white water rafting outfitter in Colorado, the experience they provide will be unmatched by any other.

Schedule your program today with AVA Rafting and Zipline for the adventure of a lifetime!

  • Family-friendly
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