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Bonfire Cannabis Co.

Bonfire Cannabis Co.

15 Colorado Blvd.
Idaho Springs
CO 80452

(720) 541 7089

Blazing Inspiration

Bonfire Cannabis Co. prides themselves on providing high quality products while pushing the limits of what you already know. They act as a lifestyle brand selling both premium and recreational cannabis products. Take in the Colorado culture with this reputable and quality brand. Live life to the fullest and be inspired by the adventure.

Product Bliss

Learn more about what kinds of products are available to you and see all that Bonfire Cannabis Co. has to offer.  Here are some of their featured products:

  • Live Resin
  • Sugar
  • Shatter
  • Firestarter Concentrated Pre Rolls

Bonfire Cannabis Co. consistently comes out with new products to create an experience that is suited to what you are looking for. There are options for everyone!

Stop by Bonfire Cannabis Co. in Idaho Springs and get a whiff of that Colorado spirit. Try everything this great state has to offer to find what fits you best!

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