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Bouck Brothers Distilling

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Forefront of Innovation

Knowing that alcohol had constantly been changing and improving and that all major bourbon producers had the same grain bill which made them different only in terms of age, the Bouck Brothers wanted to do something about it. With their creation of a great moonshine and bourbon, Bouck Brothers Distilling decides to set their sights on changing the way of whiskey. Since then, this local distillery has been sharing their unique spirits with all who are interested in trying their one-of-a-kind creations.

Custom Spirits

To truly get a grasp of their innovation and flavors, Bouck Brothers Distilling offers tastings and tours for all alcohol enthusiasts.  The tastings include their own home-crafted spirits and cocktail recipes including:

  • Colorado Coffee Whiskey
  • Pink Bear Gin
  • Brown Bear Gin
  • Bouck Brothers Bourbon

For those looking to get a flavor only found in Idaho Springs, Bouck Brothers Distilling is the perfect place to stop.

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