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Canyon Trading

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Got the Knack For It

Canyon Trading has the gift, knick-knack, and souvenir that perfectly fits your trip and your lifestyle.  With a wide range of items, prices, and vibes, this little gift shop has just the thing for you – the options are practically endless!  Take a stroll through the store and take your time picking out exactly what fits with your or your loved one’s personality. At Canyon Trading, you can’t go wrong!

Anything & Everything

You can find anything and everything Colorado at Canyon Trading! What better way to remember your trip than to purchase a souvenir that is unique to beautiful Idaho Springs – you can’t find it anywhere else!  Some of the items you can find at Canyon Trading include:

  • Apparel
  • Jewelry
  • Polished Rocks
  • Magnets
  • Native American Jewelry
  • Frames
  • Stuffed Animals

Find your Colorado treasure today and always remember the special trip you took through these beautiful mountains! Whether it’s a treat yourself purchase or a gift for a loved one, these items will be cherished forever.

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