1. Thursday, Jun 8. 2023
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Clear Creek Rafting

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The Adventure Begins

White water rafting is an ideal day for adventure-seekers of all kinds and ages. At Clear Creek Rafting, there are different packages and programs suited to exactly what you’re looking for in your latest excursion. With family friendly and beginner trips, everyone can participate in this wild adventure.  For a white water rafting pro, there are expert trips just waiting for you at Clear Creek Rafting.  No one could be unhappy with this day of fun!

The Plot Thickens

Clear Creek Rafting makes sure that you have everything you need to have the time of your life on Clear Creek River. It’s so easy to enjoy all that Idaho Springs nature has to offer from these river rafts along the stream.  In addition to the rafting trip, Clear Creek Rafting also provides:

  • Free Digital Photo Package of Your Trip
  • Complimentary Use of Wetsuit & Splash Jacket
  • The Experience of a Lifetime

Discover just another facet of the natural beauty of Colorado and satisfy your craving for excitement!  You can’t go wrong with this beautiful and fun trip with Clear Creek Rafting.

  • Family-friendly
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