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Dispensary Exit 243

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Up in Smoke

Recreational cannabis companies outside of Denver are not known for creating upscale consumer experiences. Dispensary Exit 243 aims to change this by providing residents and travelers on I-70 with premium cannabis at an affordable cost. The dispensary is brand new and the building it resides in was built from the ground up. However, the team behind 243 has been producing high-quality hydrocarbon concentrates for years in Idaho Springs and whole-selling them to dispensaries across Colorado. This company shares its name with the I-70 exit you turn off of to find them! 243 has even gone so far as to adopt the stretch of highway leading up to exit 243 to provide added value within the Idaho Springs community.

You Say Jump, I Say How High?

Reputations for dispensaries outside of Denver are not great, you expect to pay twice as much for worse quality than their city counterparts. In addition to that, not many dispensaries care about the vibe and feel of their establishment. Dispensary Exit 243  provides a mature and sophisticated environment that is also educational. This is because 243 employs knowledgeable budtenders to help newbies and out-of-state buyers decide on their best options for consumption. A full line of products is offered:

  • Award-Winning Edibles
  • Infused Drinks
  • Topicals
  • Extracts
  • Transdermal Patches
  • And More!

Locals can receive 10% off every purchase, in addition to weekday deals. Stop by and try their award-winning hydrocarbon concentrates at an unbeatable price!

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