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Fall River Botanicals

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In the Natural State

To truly understand the deep-rooted culture of Colorado, you have to take a look at their rich history and land.  With the Native American influence in these mountains, the fertile land, and the gold rush, Idaho Springs has developed into what it is today. This is exemplified in the small Fall River Botanicals store. Here, you can find a wide array of organic and locally-made items, including Native American-inspired products and remedies.  These products are tailored to specific needs and are truly a labor of love. At Fall River Botanicals, living in the natural state is the only way.

Essentially Essential

We all can agree that having good, natural, and effective skin care products is extremely essential.  That is exactly what you will find at Fall River Botanicals – carefully crafted products that have been made with the idea in mind that what is natural is good.  You won’t find any toxins in these products! Here are just a few of the products they offer:

  • Aromatherapy Balms
  • Massage Oils, Lotions, & Creams
  • Organic Soap
  • Facial Scrubs & Oils
  • Tea
  • Water Therapy

You can’t go wrong trying these skin care products! There are options for various skin types and different preferences, so there is something to suit just your needs.  Visit Fall River Botanicals today to see how you can help your skin today!

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