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Frozen Fire Rink

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The Frozen Fire Rink Offers Skating in Every Season

The Frozen Fire Rink is open for the summer! No matter the weather, this Glice® rink let’s you skate and enjoy a wonderful winter pastime – plus it’s eco-friendly! Gather your family and friends for this outdoor recreational activity.

Get More of the Outdoors

We know everyone could use a little more sunshine during these trying times. Whether you’re skating for fun, picking up a new hobby, or even joining a hockey team, this Glice® rink is guaranteed to provide fun for the whole community. So, sharpen your skates and get ready to glide through the fresh mountain air on glice. Beau Jo’s food truck and other vendor spaces are on site too!  Book your tickets here!

Family Fun in the Colorado Mountains

Residents of Idaho Springs aren’t blessed with the crisp air of the Colorado mountains and a wide variety of weather, just so they can let it go to waste! Come out and enjoy some family fun at the Frozen Fire Rink in Idaho Springs.

The Frozen Fire rink offers a great place within the community to race, to play hockey, to socialize, to practice your skating tricks, or to simply take in the beautiful scenery offered by the surrounding Colorado mountains. There is a new feature the rink is adding for the summer – Bumper cars! Bumper cars will be available on select days.

Not from the Idaho Springs, or Clear Creek, area? No problem! The ice rink is open for everyone and anyone to have some family fun. It’s a very easy and convenient drive from Denver that provides wonderful mountain scenery and an historic mining town for visitors to explore.

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