1. Thursday, Jun 8. 2023
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Frozen Fire

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Frozen Fire Will Inspire

Frozen Fire is the resident photography and videography business in Idaho Springs. On a trip and wanting to take some pictures in the breathtaking scenery? Looking to capture your Colorado memories? Look no further! With amazing photography skills and knowledge of all of the best places for photos or family portraits, Frozen Fire will take your pictures to the next level.

How Snow?

Frozen Fire has a full-time and experienced photographer in Idaho Springs that will take your pictures and edit them. Frozen Fire loves capturing your personality and the incredible surrounding nature. This is perfect for family portraits, Christmas card pictures, or just images of you and your loved ones enjoying a trip through the Colorado wild.

Flame to Please

Whether you’re from the area, visiting on a vacation, or taking a road trip and passing through, you’ll want to stop to have some pictures taken. These pictures will be great to get printed, to share online, and definitely to make your friends jealous of the awesome trip you had. Tourist or not, getting pictures in such beautiful scenery is not an opportunity you’ll want to miss.

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