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Idaho Springs Public Library

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Reading Between the Lines

You haven’t seen all there is to see in Idaho Springs until you’ve been to the library! This public library, part of the Clear Creek County Library District, is as quaint as the rest of the town and chock-full of useful resources, cool sights, and great people. The resources you’ll find here are rich and meaningful.  Not only do they have a number of historic materials to help guide you through you historic tours, the Idaho Springs Public Library is a historic sight in itself!

Bomb’s Away

This local library is historic in more ways than one.  The Idaho Springs Public Library is one of the few remaining original Carnegie Libraries.  Built in 1904, this landmark still has the original cornerstone and architecture. You can find a piece of Idaho Springs mining history here as well, with an original Arrestra from the first Spanish mines in the area. While you’re viewing the artifact, you can learn all about how it was used and the history of the town.

Also on the library grounds is a 1,200 pound Civil War cannon – great for photos! The cannon was originally cast in Boston and used by the Union in the war.  Around 1900, it was sent to Idaho Springs and has made its home at the library ever since. The cannon was restored to its former glory within the last decade and is an incredible sight. All of this history and you haven’t even opened one of their books yet!

All Booked Up

The Idaho Springs Public Library is a great spot to find all of the information you need when visiting Idaho Springs. Their selection of books and historical materials, many of which are unique to Clear Creek County, can help you learn about the history surrounding you in this mountain town. They also have many maps and guidebooks that can help you find your way to the best local spots, trails, and outdoor activities. If you’re just looking to pick up a good read, they also have an ongoing book sale with affordable prices!

If you need to get some work done while visiting town, the library offers free wi-fi  and office spaces for telecommuting. The computers are open access so you can get everything done quickly and easily. There is also a kids’ space where young travelers can explore and have a blast at this one-of-a-kind local library.

Turn a New Page

They also participate in the “Little Free Libraries” program, so keep an eye out around town for one of the stations! If you have a Colorado Library Card, you can also check out one of the books from the Idaho Springs Public Library and return it to your home library for convenience.  While you’re here, see about dropping into one of their regular programs – there’s a monthly craft night, book clubs, and more that are open to anyone, visitors included!

The Idaho Springs Public Library is a tourist destination in itself and you are sure to have a blast and find all of the information you need.  You may even find little tidbits that make Idaho Springs even more incredible to you. They can’t wait to see you!

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