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Maison de Ski is your one-stop shop for all of your snowboard or ski rental needs!  Find all of the equipment and accessories you need to show off on the slopes with ease. Book your rental reservations online for simplicity!  Conveniently located in Idaho Springs, Colorado, you can stop in to pick up your equipment on the way to one of the many ski ranges outside of Denver. Want for nothing on your beautiful ski trip – be prepared with Maison de Ski!

Slippery Slope Avoidance 101

Don’t be without the best equipment when skiing or snowboarding on these beautiful Colorado slopes. Have the best experience possible with the best equipment possible! Maison de Ski offers plenty of packages to fit exactly what you need:

  • Ski Rentals
    • Demo – Selections of the Highest Quality Skis
    • Performance
    • Sport
    • Kids
  • Snowboard Rentals
  • Group Rental Discount
  • Accessory Rentals

Make the most of your ski trip with Maison de Ski who can provide you with everything you need to strut your stuff! Don’t get stuck on the sidelines, rent your equipment today and be prepared for whatever comes your way!

  • Family-friendly
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