1. Thursday, Mar 23. 2023
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Phoenix Gold Mine

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Better Prospects

The Phoenix Gold Mine is a great representation of the rich history that can be found throughout Idaho Springs, Colorado. With tours through the tunnels and the mine and gold panning, there is so much to do you’ll have a whole day packed full of fun!  Learn all about the mine’s history, the Colorado Gold Rush, and this small mountain town with its unique people at the Phoenix Gold Mine. Take a trip here for a day of one-of-a-kind, historical family-friendly fun!

Gold on the Mind

Take a guided tour through the Phoenix Gold Mine and see what it would have been like to spend your days mining for gold during the Gold Rush. Walk through the tunnels and see the rooms of the Resurrection Vein – these mining tunnels are likely bigger than any of us would expect!  Mining in through these tunnels took great courage and effort – test your own bravery to see how far you’ll go!

There’s plenty to do at the Phoenix Gold Mine, and with the knowledgeable guides, you’re sure to learn a lot!  Visit today to try out gold panning for yourself and see what you could take home!

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