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Queen’s Wardrobe Thrift Shoppe

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Thrift & Sift

Thrift shopping is methodical, curious, & a little like a treasure hunt. Sifting through the piles and racks of clothes looking for the perfect outfit to suit your personality can be so rewarding – especially with the below-retail prices that we all love so much.  Queen’s Wardrobe Thrift Shoppe in historic downtown Idaho Springs is the epitome of a thrift store full of little treasures. A trip to the shop will be well worth it, as you find clothing and accessories that make you leap for joy!


Queen’s friendly staff is there to help you in your never-ending search for the perfect outfit and an outstanding collection of items. You can’t go wrong with a stroll through Queen’s Wardrobe Thrift Shoppe. At affordable prices, they offer items such as:

  • Clothing
  • Shoes
  • Home Décor
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Sports Equipment
  • Accessories

Not only do they have a wide selection for you to peruse, a portion of their profits goes to the local senior community!  Thrift shopping is environmentally-friendly and a way to give back to the local community!   Take your time walking through this store and you won’t believe the hidden gems you can find! Visit Queen’s Wardrobe Thrift Shoppe today to start putting together your style with these vintage pieces.

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