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Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting

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Adventurer’s Guide to River Rafting

Located in Idaho Springs, Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting is some of the closest whitewater rafting to Denver. That makes them an easy choice for a day trip. Come experience incredible whitewater rafting without having to travel a long distance.

If you decide to go on a river rafting trip, then you want to be assured of your safety.  That is why the company is owned by guides themselves, employing only the most experienced and dedicated river guides.  Firstly, the staff has trained on multiple Colorado rivers. On top of that, some have even rafted on rivers around the world. They all agree that rafting on Clear Creek is one of the best places for Colorado whitewater rafting. They also make sure to have the highest quality equipment to ensure your safety.  RMWR provides idyllic setting, experienced staff, and quality equipment. Because of this, you can feel comfortable and have the time of your life with Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting.

Row, Row, Row Your Raft

River rafting is an exhilarating, one-of-a-kind experience. As a result, choosing the right package for you and your needs is an important decision. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has multiple trips on Clear Creek in Idaho Springs to make sure that you have the experience that you want.  They have trips tailored to:

  • Beginners (Class II-III)
  • Intermediate Rafters (Class II-IV)
  • Experts (Class III-V)

With these options, you can choose the trip that you want.  Make it a family-friendly experience and give your kids the chance to have an adventure beyond their wildest dreams.  Or, make it a courageous and challenging experience with one of the expert trips.  There are great choices for all ability levels for your Clear Creek rafting trip. There are endless activities to choose during the Colorado summer, but none will provide an incredible experience for everybody in your group like whitewater rafting. Immerse yourself in the beautiful Colorado nature as you float along a setting like no other. Join Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting for an adventure that you will want to take again and again. BOOK NOW!

  • Family-friendly
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