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T&D Carwash

T&D Carwash

2802 Colorado Blvd.
Idaho Springs
CO 80452

(303) 567 4651

Clean Cars Go Far

T&D Carwash offers both self-service car wash options and automated car washes.  Look no further for a quality place to get your car cleaned up to get you back on the road or prepared for your next Colorado adventure.  The friendly staff can’t wait to help you get your car looking fresh. This is a great stop to make to ensure you’re comfortable for the long journey ahead. If you’re staying in town for a while, make sure your car or rental is clean so you can see the beautiful sights that Idaho Springs has to offer.

Hose It Down

Because of the self-service option, you can get an affordable wash while taking some time to enjoy the crisp Colorado air and taking in the view of downtown.  With the automated option, you can interact with welcoming residents and get a quick wash to be on your way as soon as possible.  With T&D Carwash, there’s no need for any fuss – get it washed and get going, your next adventure awaits.  Visit T&D Carwash today to get your ride looking spiffy in these Colorado lanes.

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