1. Wednesday, May 25. 2022
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Thad’s Rock Art

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Colorado Mountain Art

Thad’s Rock Art offers a unique perspective of people, places, and ideas that are everywhere. What started as an adventure in creating portraits of famous rock stars – both past and present – has turned into one artist’s portrayal of everything from Colorado landscapes, wildlife, and personalized drawings. See the world through Thad’s eyes and enjoy the beautiful pieces of Colorado mountain art he creates by exploring his many beautiful pieces!

Creations From a Local Colorado Artist

Thaddeus Kosse is a Georgetown, Colorado artist that shares his passion for music, the beautiful Colorado outdoors and wildlife, and life itself through his art. With the vibrant colors used in each piece and the unique style of art, these pieces are eye-catching and inspiring. ThadsRockArt is available in many forms, including prints, magnets, stickers, blankets, keychains, and more. Wherever you place your art, you can be reminded of the beauty all around.

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