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Underhill Museum

Underhill Museum

1416 Miner St.
Idaho Springs
CO 80452

(303) 567 4709

Historical Museum

Back in 1897 Dr. James Underhill came to Idaho Springs and became an important surveyor and mining engineer. He was crucial in surveying many of the plots of land and gold mines in and around the city. With the help of his wife, they constructed Underhill Museum, combining their work and home. After they both passed away, the Underhill Museum was donated to the Public Library and is now a local stop for those wanting to learn more about the history of this scenic mining town.

Taking A Trip To The Past

Visitors are welcome to wander the Underhill Museum property and explore the tools, research, and lifestyle that were normal during the Victorian era.  With historic photos, safes, vaults, rocks and minerals, you can easily envision and enjoy the deep history that is woven through this building – it is definitely worth a visit. You will understand how the city was formed as you make your way through it!

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