1. Saturday, Jun 3. 2023
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Visitor Center & Heritage Museum

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Informative and Inspiring

The Visitor Center & Heritage Museum is a must-see for anyone looking to explore the unique and historic mining town of Idaho Springs. As you walk in, you will be transported into the past as you learn about the spectacular history and growth of the city.

With their friendly and knowledgeable staff, the Visitor Center & Heritage Museum will help you make your visit truly memorable. Giving you insight into the best attractions, restaurants, tours, and more that the region has to offer.

The History Of It All

Within the Visitor Center & Heritage Museum is an interactive and informative museum for all ages. Showcasing the mining history, early days, and importance placed on mining in the establishment of not only Idaho Springs, but Colorado as a whole. At the end of your tour, there is a gift shop that offers local gifts and sundries to let you hold onto a piece of history. Plan your next visit with the Visitor Center & Heritage Museum in mind.

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