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What’s the Reason for the Idaho Springs Rafting Season?

What’s the Reason for the Idaho Springs Rafting Season?

If you’ve ever been rafting, you know what an adventure it is – but when is the right time to plan your rafting trip? The Idaho Springs rafting season lasts from early to mid-May through the beginning of September When planning your summer trip to the beautiful state of Colorado, throw in a little bit of rafting to spark your adrenaline!

Memorial Day to Labor Day

The Idaho Springs rafting season depends on the water levels in Clear Creek River. The high-water season comes just after Spring, usually lasting through the beginning of June. Whitewater rafting with higher river levels at the beginning of the season can somehow be more intense and exhilarating, creating an unimaginable adventure. Return from your rafting trip with stories that will impress and excite your friends.

Lower water levels create the second part of the Idaho Springs rafting season, lasting from mid-June until the season ends around September. If the river remains high enough, the season could be extended beyond Labor Day – and potentially into October. This window of the rafting season creates consistently beautiful days, with rafting conditions ranging from beginner to expert. This is the perfect time to visit the town, see the sights, and take in the beauty of Idaho Springs from the depths of Clear Creek River.

Row, Row, Row Your Raft

2019 Idaho Springs Rafting Season

Book your whitewater rafting expedition and know that it will be one of the highlights of your trip to Colorado. Whether you’re staying in Idaho Springs or just passing through, there’s no better rafting than in Clear Creek River. The Idaho Springs rafting season perfectly coincides with summer vacation – it’s the ideal excursion for the whole family! With stunning scenery and adventure mixed in, rafting means fun for everyone. Whether it’s a family vacation, a group of friends, or a solo trip, you can’t go wrong with rafting in Idaho Springs.

To prepare for or close a day full of exercise and adrenaline, stop in at one of many Idaho Springs restaurants to your taste. With a multitude of options, you’re sure to find something to fuel you up and satisfy your worked-up hunger.  If it’s a full-day rafting trip, why not stay close by for the convenience at a hotel or B&B? This mountain town has it all to make sure that you have the trip of a lifetime – whether it’s the Idaho Springs rafting season or not.

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