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White Water Rafting Safety Isn’t a Maybe

White Water Rafting Safety Isn’t a Maybe

Rafting along Clear Creek River is a fun and classic Idaho Springs past time that’s always a blast!  With the record levels of snow in the past year, the water levels are running high and so are our spirits! The high water levels aren’t always fun and games, so becoming educated on white water rafting safety is important to make sure you have the best time possible!

Run a Tight Ship

The first step to becoming a white water rafting safety extraordinaire is coming prepared. Make sure you do a little bit of preliminary research about the river you’ll be rafting, the level of difficulty you want for your trip, and the company you decide to go with.  There is a whole slew of outstanding professional rafting companies in Idaho Springs with a variety of trips suited to every skill level. AVA Rafting offers a great resource, put together by their expert guides, for studying up and coming prepared to tackle the rapids.

White Water Rafting Safety - Kids Can Have a Blast while Staying Safe!

If you’re looking for a family rafting trip, check out some of the Class II adventures offered on Clear Creek River. These are less intense, but will still offer a fun excursion for the whole family! More advanced trips, Class III and up, are also available along the river. The great thing about rafting in Idaho Springs is the incredible sights you’ll see along the way! Catch a glimpse of many historical locations and the beautiful town as you paddle down the river.

Stay Safe, Don’t Chafe

White Water Rafting Safety Equipment Courtesy of AVA

The next thing you’ll want to do is make sure you are adequately prepared for whatever the weather and the river may throw at you. This is a vital step in white water rafting safety. When waters are higher, as they are this season, you’ll want to make sure to wear a full wet suit, a paddling/splash jacket, and the right waterproof shoes. If the day is set to be bright and warm, make sure to wear enough sunscreen, a pair of sunglasses (with a strap!), and lighter clothes that dry quickly.

White Water Rafting Safety Tip - Always Where a Helmet!

A lot of rafting companies will have the gear you need ready for you as you take the plunge (or rather, DON’T take the plunge). Make sure to remember that, because the rapids are a result of the snowmelt, the water is going to be frigid. And we want you to keep all your toes.

Don’t Rock the Raft

So, now it’s time for the rafting trip. Our number one tip is to make sure to listen to your guide as they walk you through the ins and outs of white water rafting safety. The guides are the experts – they know what they’re doing. The top 3 things to remember are:

White Water Rafting Safety - Always Listen to Your Guide
  • Listen well – both before and during the trip
  • Paddle well
  • Lock your feet into the boat

Following these three tips will help keep you in the boat and having the adventure of a lifetime. For some more pointers, check out AVA’s top 12 white water rafting safety tips.

Before and After the Raft-venture

Don’t fret because of the higher-than-usual water levels. AVA Rafting has taken several precautions due to the higher water levels in Idaho Springs. They want to ensure that you have the best time possible – and that includes feeling safe. Whether this is done through stationing helpers along the shoreline during rafting trips or sending out safety kayakers in case someone takes a swim.

It’s always important to fuel up before and after a white water excursion!  What better place to do so than at one of these incredible Idaho Springs restaurants.  And don’t forget to pick up a souvenir on your way out!

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