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Why Clear Creek is the Best Whitewater Rafting Near Denver

Why Clear Creek is the Best Whitewater Rafting Near Denver

Heading to Denver for the summer? Want to enjoy an authentic Colorado adventure? Whitewater rafting should be at the top of your list and we know where to go! The Clear Creek is the best whitewater rafting near Denver for an unforgettable adventure!

Best Whitewater Rafting Near Denver

The Clear Creek is a tributary of the South Platte River, approximately 66 miles long, in North Central Colorado and is the closest whitewater rafting to Denver.  Only about a 30 minute drive West from the Denver metropolitan area. All you have to do is pass through Idaho Springs, the former “mining capital of the world,” and you’ll be seeing Clear Creek in no time.

If you’re up further in the mountains, no worries! We’re right on the way back down to Denver. Whether you’re coming from Vail, Steamboat Springs, Breckenridge or elsewhere, all you have to do is stop by on your way down.


If you’re heading to Denver for a trip from out of town, but don’t want to rent a car, the best whitewater rafting near Denver is still accessible to you! You don’t have to miss out on a great Colorado adventure because you don’t have a car. Both Greyhound and Bustang have options to get you to Idaho Springs!

Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting

As a company owned by guides and only employing experienced river guides, Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting provides an experience that you’ll never forget. This small business local to Idaho Springs insures small group sizes so the experience is all about you.

In addition, Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting is a company that puts safety first. Their experienced guides are all enthusiastic about outdoor adventures and are First Aid and CPR certified.

They also have plenty of tips on their website letting you know what to expect when going whitewater rafting near Denver. They’ll be there every step of the way, so you’ll always feel prepared and ready to enjoy the adventure.

Ready to book your trip with the best whitewater rafting near Denver? Contact Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting today or give them a call at 303-900-4802. They’ll help get your Colorado adventure started!

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