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Options to Zipline Colorado less than an hour from Denver! Watch this video!

Options to Zipline Colorado less than an hour from Denver! Watch this video!

Zipline Colorado in Idaho Springs, your exciting new destination for adventure sports! New mountain bike trails open yearly and several rafting companies book runs right off Clear Creek. Because of this, there is no wonder thrill seekers place Idaho Springs on their must visit cities list.

There is one activity that fits right in with the natural beauty of the Colorado Rockies, the zipline. You do not have to drive hours through mountainous terrain either! Two of the best spots to zipline Colorado are right here in Idaho Springs.

Best Colorado Zipline Tours

Because of Idaho Springs’ proximity to Denver and the beautiful front range, the best birds eye view can be found just minutes from Miner Street. AVA is a classic choice and one of the most unique options available. Rather than building towers, the platforms for landing and launching are built into the natural landscape to ensure your experience stays immersive.

A few miles west of Idaho Springs proper is another great option to zipline Colorado, the Colorado Adventure Center. This line is a blast for any age group. Toping out at 40 MPH, you will feel the rush of flying through the trees! The longest line offered is 1,200 feet long and crosses Clear Creek three times. The Colorado Adventure Center also offers happy hour discounts every day at 5 PM. With your ticket, you receive a coupon for a free beer or soft beverage.

After your Zip Lining Experience

Once you zip through the air and experienced a true thrill, but now what? Downtown Idaho Springs has some of the best local food and hidden gems Colorado has to offer. Meander through Miner Street, enjoy a game of cornhole, while sipping on a bevy or biting into a juice burger and think back to your awesome flight through the sky!

miner street market and cornhole
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